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, that is unamerican. >> no, this is american. >> i'm standing up for my rights. >> what is what america is all about. >> reporter: they want to stress how important this decision is for america after o. they say the healthcare decisions we make right now will affect generations yet to be born. when it comes to this passion, we could see it continue tomorrow night when the next meeting is with the senator at hagerstown. i'm joel d smith, fox 45 mornig news. >>> across the country the same continues. our team coverage continues with megan gilliland who joins us with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. lawmakers are saying this is one the biggest pieces of legislation we will see in our lifetime, reform that will touch everybody in some shape or form. because of that we're seeing the widespread concern, not just here in maryland but at every town hall meeting across the country. in iowa, a heated discussion ignited over the wait a second at a town hall meeting. the crowd was so big it was spilling into the hallway. people backing the proposal asked those against it t
provided health insurance already. >> the obama plan is bad more me and for bad more america. >> reporter: the senator carter's meeting tonight is expected to be just as heated add groups on both sides of the debate rally their troops. >> i suspect a lot of people will come and can't get in but at least they can there with a sign of what they care about. >> reporter: the meeting begins at 7:00 at towson university. again only the first 500 people will get in. signs and political banners will not be allowed inside and outside the sidewalks are expected to be full with people making their opinions known. >>> as you heard steve thengs in this morning, get ready for a scorcher of the a day. they have issued a red care alert. if you don't have ac, for the first time the city taking an extra step to make sure you can still stay coop today. joel d smith is at the inner harbor. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. if you are going to be out, this is the time to be out this morning. those folks are wearing short shirts, a good hint. there will be cooling stations because the temperatures won't l
in the spotlight. what was closest a thing to a royal family america has ever known. he was elected a senator in 1962 after his brother vacated the seat to run for president. he won but was assassinated in 1963. teddy had his own presidential aspirations in 1980, but he eventually gave way to incumbent jimmy carter. ted kennedy made his mark in the senate as a liberal champion in three decades. the children's health insurance programs, and 1990s american with disabilities act. >> the reason he has accomplished more than any of the others who were there. the reason that he has been able to help deliver voting rights and immigration rights and helped people who are vulnerable is because he fights. >> reporter: as strongs' was politically, his personal life made just as many headlights. he was often portrayed as a drinker. if 1969 he drove off a bridge killing his passenger mary joe pateki. he received a 2 month suspended sentence and a year's probation. in 1991 he was out drinking with his nephew the night that william kennedy smith was accused of rape. he won his last election in 2006, with 6
's a won day for america. >> she will be sworn in tomorrow and for the first time tv cameras will be aloud at the cerimony. >> continuing coverage of the sotomayor's confirmation. we have the latest coming up later this hour from washington. >>> still head celebrate cultural roofs. we're live at africa fes coming up next in our home town also in a variety of all natural seasonings. >> 6:10 now on fox 45 morning news. looking at a we were seeing cars moving along just nicely this morning. but is that really the case? candice is here to fill us in on the details and traffic edge report. good morning candice. >> thank you patrice. if you're heading out on the main lines we have a few gloinches talking about. naw accident to tell biewvment cars moving count town. as far as 79 5 , there's trouble. a crash on the southbound lanes at 695. this say new accident, crews are respond together scene as we speak. stick with right through town road as anl alternate riewvmentd heading through 695 all the liberty road. building with volume there on the inner and outer loop lanes. so far no significant issu
of carbon monoxide were found this their ocean city hotel room. the victims staying on the america an a hotel room on the boardwalk. were hospitallized yesterday with symptoms of carbon monoxide symptoms. there were no carbon monoxide detectors in the building even though it's required. >>> if something is happening in your community. we want you to share it with all of baltimore. up load videos or written stories. but at foxbaltimore.com/your take. you can up load videos and pictures. >>> coming up they slide through the air with the greatest of ease. how you can honor the aircraft industry legend in our hometown hot spot. that is coming up > why are you acting like an airhead? >>> flying high. next wednesday is national aviation day and erica rouskesy joins us with more on what exactly that means. good morning to you. >> good morning, patrice. >> tell me about national aviation day, what happens on that day. >> national aviation day was or ville's wright's birthday. at the museum we celebrate that day from 11 to 3:00. there's going to be a lot of activities for kids hands on. ast
it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself today with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. >>> next on fox 45 morning news. >> he had some tattoos that would associate and identify himself with historically racist organizations. >> the suspect accused of a violent hate crime. what the charging documents show about the attack on an elderly fisherman. >>> concerns about swine flu. what you need to know to keep your kids safe as they head back to school. >>> and when will injured ravens linebacker terrell suggs return to the field? that is coming up in sports. >>> good morning. it's thursday, august 20th. i'm patrice harris. >>> it's another hot, muggy start to the day. meteorologist jessica starr is here to tell us if thattistics around or if we get some relief at anytime. >> i know. we got a couple of more days before the cold front pushes through to relief us of the hot and muggy temperatures that we have been dealing with in the last couple of days. >> it was so muggy when i left my house this morning that i thought it had rain. >> no, no rain last night. we will have sca
, to help you take a break from reality. treat yourself today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> the state fair is right around the corner and we've got a new dvd release to help you get ready for the annual event. candace has this week's low down. >> reporter: hi patrice. our first film takes place at a carnival. before you brush this to the side, let us remend you that the director of super bat has his hand on this project. you can take it for a ride when it comes out on dvd. >> it looks more like a -- >> this movie takes us back to 1987. we meet james a recent college grad who is trying to save up for a trip to europe. when he pick takes a job at an amusement park, he learns a few life lessons and quite a bit about love. >> you know, you're the only good thing that happened this summer. >> reporter: with saturday night live actors christian and the sow sound track from the yi, who wouldn't want to run to adventure land. >> i don't have much faith on words myself. >> reporter: we dare you to touch yourself against this guy, fox's latest drama lie to me. dr. cal lightman uses the most subtl
kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself with an authentic iced latte today for only $1.99. >>> now you can see his work on screen. his book the soloist is the inspiration for the movie starring and jamie foxx. steve is available to talk with us this morning. >> hi, candace, how are you? >> how are things in baltimore. >> we are great, thank you. >> we want to talk about something that is on your heart. it's a huge honor to watch this come to live on screen? >> yes, it's hard to believe. when i i wrote the first column five years ago, i had no idea that there would be a book in it and a movie based on the book. that is what happened and it's quite a great piece of work. it's made the whole experience all the more rewarding, because it's got enpowerful messages out there. i have been hearing from people all over the country who have gone to movie and e-mailed me to the la times. they tell me they have been inspired by the movie and they just want more information. the dvd may help out because there's a number of special features with more of the background information. >>
it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself with an authentic iced latte today for only $1.99. >>> stocks surged as the dow industrials reerased tuesday's 1% decline. the biggest drop in more than a month. the fueling the rally the federal reserve says although the economy is weak, it appears it has halted its decline. the central bankers left the interest rates at the record low, at a quarter of a 0. home prices tumbled 15.5% in the second quarter. but prices rose 4% compared to the first quarter of 2009. the up tick is an indication that economic activity is picking up. >>> the swiss bank and uaig hae settled. they went to court asking ubs for the names of 15,000 americans suspected of tax evasion. although details have yet to be released, the stement is expected to disclose thousands of names while still keeping switseswitzerland banking laws. for business brief, i'm stan case. >>> still ahead, get ready to jet set. find out how you can get a pass for unlimited swipes on jet blue. >>> it's being called one of the most peaceful protests on healthcare reform, at least on
america, nothing is going to change. you can spend all of the money the world, but until you talk about preventive care, until you talk about getting special interest groups and the pharmaceutical companies and dealing with tort reform, the matter will get worse and not better. >> do you think this is going to be the deal breaker. this is what republicans and democrats are arguing and within party lines. will this be what separates everything? >> i think it has already been indicated that the president is so desperate now to get a healthcare bill. it's one of the few times in his admnistration, that pelosi, reid and the president really have been on opposite sides. pelosi is indicating that there will be no healthcare bill in the house if the public option is not in place. the president has signals to conserve of it republicans and others that he is willing to a bon done the public option. in fact, he said that it was only a sliver of his overall healthcare proposal. >> armstrong yams, than williamu for weighing in and be careful out there. >> it's a good thing. >> stay out of trouble,
biscuit for just 99 cents. because it's breakfast, not brokefast. america saves on dunkin'. >>> well in back to fox 45 morning news, 6:31 is the time. i'm pa ti patrice har ri. it's thharris.it's the first da. a lot of students are heading out to the first day of school. meteorologist steve fertig is here with the first day of school forecast. >>> it's going to be a cool day. 70s is much cooler than comfortable. >> you said cooler than average. >> we are in the low 80s. >> i'm not ready to say goodbye to the warm weather just yet is what i'm trying to say here. >> and you won't. you will say hello again this weekend. you might sing that song, what does it say, hello again ♪ ♪, i can't believe i tried. 65 degrees for the temperature in baltimore. 67 in chester town, 64 in chock chockiesville, and people are wondering, what is wrong, that is he trying to sing. showers on the southern part of the eastern shore. that is where it will stay until about noon and then it moves out of there. for most of us it will be a cloudier start and look forward to a mix of sun and clouds through the
of america is shelg out millions of fines over executive bonuses. the fcc says after b of a purchased merrill linch they mislead executives. without admit together charges, bank of america agreed to settle paying out a 32 million-dollar penalty. bank america rose 3 percent. >> i'm dan. >> still to come, stopping viruses, find out how to keep your computer safe for free. >>> >>> and a baltimore county couple locked up for having fesm sesm with children. i'm megan gil afnlt why police fear there could be more victims out there. >>> a 26th annual national night out is back in baltimore. all natural seasonings. of baltimore. questions about monitoring suspects. on the news at 5:30. >>> >> welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 6:30 is the time. i'm patrice hair rissments let's get right to mee meteorologist steve and see what we can except for our weather today. hot day yesterday. >> yeah, more heat today. 90's it looks like once again. >> but a break from the rain at least? >> a break from the rain. two or three shower day i'm thinking. that's how i measure the house. shower as in take a shower no
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, america. >> reporter: the free runners say they see like 21st century adventurers. >> the problem with free running is the freedom it gives you. it lets your mind keep on the horizon. you can go anywhere you'd like. >> the way it pushes you. it pushes you to do stuff that you wish you would normally do outside of your comfort zone. >> reporter: safety is really important. you have to start slow and stay low. all you really need is a pair of trainers and an open mind and then the world is your playground. the free runner, london. >>> that's how steve fertig works out. he is in good shape. >>> still ahead, she is a pop star living a double life. ♪ ♪ there's always. >> we have the sneak peek at the hanna montana movie coming up in the low down. >>> and next, cal ripken world series kicks off. how the event is affecting the fresh...fresh...fresh. really fresh. come into your local giant today for mouthwatering fruits and vegetables, all at prices you can handle. like orchard perfect peaches and nectarines, just 99 cents a pound. this week only at giant. you know, it's not the gri
. you kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself today with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. guys remember, we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. >>> new this morning, michael jackson's death has been ruled a homicide. the la county coroner's hoves said jackson had lethal levels of the powerful anesthetic prpofol. dr. murray says that he has been giving jackson the drug to help him with his insommia. >>> the ride is over for consumers but the government is giving the dealers an extension to turn in the paperwork. the government has extended yesterday's death line to register sales until noon today. experts say thousands of dealers with millions of dollars in deals have been unable to submit them. >> bad weather forces nasa to delay the space shuttle discovery launch this morning. storms popped up late yesterday all around the launch time and lightning lit up the sky so nasa wi
, milk, and whipped cream, to help you take a break from reality. treat yourself today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> new this month mornin morni. it could soon cost you more than double to park downtown. it included the inner harbor. meter parking would go from $1 an hour to $2 initially with approval to go up as much as $3 an hour in the mount vernon and fells point area. >>> a suspect is in custody after a shooting in east baltimore. it happened around 6:15 last night in the 1500 block of east la fayette avenue. someone so the a woman in leg. there are reports it was a drive-by shooting. the victim is recovering from her injuries. >>> hall town meetings have been held all across the country. because of the emotion and passion of people on both sides of the issue, the events tend to be loud and heated. in annapolis this week another meeting is scheduled, this one a tea party on healthcare sponsored on americans for prosperity. >> dave schwartz is here this morning. >> patrice, thank you vr having me n this is a tea party versus a town hall meeting, does this means there's a differen
, get one for 88¢ plus, save on denim at america's biggest back to school levi's sale kids' backpacks are only $11.99 athletic shoes are $38.99 all bath towels are buy one, get one for 88¢ plus, night and day doorbusters go to jcp.com and see everything on sale. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney >>> michigan and all the points out toward indiana seeing some activity as well, thanks to a frontal boundary that could sag further south and bring us a chance of a thunderstorm today. fog in spots at the inner harbor. 75 for the starting temperature, not much of a wind. the barometer is on the rise. 64 is the dew point number. temperatures are at 75 in baltimore. 73 in d.c. surrounding area also in the low 70s and here is what we are keeping our eye on. first of all a front to the north that could sag south. it brings an isolated chance of a shower or thunderstorm. then it will return north as a warm front. we're keeping our eye on trope taitropical storm danny. it's expected to become a category 1 hurricane by the time it makes its way to the carolina coast by saturday early mornin
america's top rated internet-- now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just... it's like getting 3 services for the price of 2. that's a 180 dollars savings over six months for the best in home entertainment. don't miss this unbeatable value 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v today. >>> the ennis pratt free library is taking i step to providing free books. it's teaming to host a blood drive. we're joined this morning to hear more about it. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so you don't associate libraries with blood drives, but that is what you're doing? >> that is what we are, because he are community oriented. we have branches in all of local communities. this is part of our community service. we are delighted to be teaming up with the american red cross. summertime is a traditionally a low point in blood donations. we're trying to encourage all of those who are eligible and healthy to come to one of hour four sites and donate blood next week. >> and once they -- once they get there, wil
. organizers say it's focused on why healthcare reform is not what america needs right now. in fact, they say the legislation being proposed is unconstitutional. >>> and again, they're going bankrupt and of course, any healthcare plan, really any plan is great when you know, the taxpayers are subsidizing it. but we want other options, we want free market options to come into play here. >> stay tuned to fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of healthcare reform. our d.c. insider weighs in on the rhetoric surrounding the bill coming up later this hour. >>> hurricane bill is set to give bermuda a soaking, but a direct hit is unlikely. the storm which has haik inned to a category iii remains energized over the atlantic ocean. forecasters say bill is expected to cause large swells along the east coast this weekend. beach goers are urged to use caution as surf conditions could be pretty rough. >> the swells that emanate out of it will be working its way toward the east coast, above normal swells out here in the southeast, as much as 15-foot wave. in the mid-atlantic and the highest waves coul
optics straight to your home, for razor sharp tv, america's top rated internet-- now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just... for 6 months. it's like getting 3 services for the price of 2. that's a $180 savings over six months for the best in home entertainment. don't miss this unbeatable value 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this if fios. this is big. quair yum. it's bay rit dolphin's first birthday and the aquarium's enrichment day. you can get in on the fun. immediate meteorologist jessica is star is live at the quair yum. good morning jess. happy bairnlg kay to bail light. exciting things. come on down to the national quair yum on saturday and do interactive activities with the children. it will all be fun and educational to. get more information on the enrichment program that will be going on enrichment day this saturday, joining me this morning is melanie clark from the educational department. ghorng. good morning to you. tell me about the activities that are going on an
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